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Change Weblogic Listen Port: In Weblogic

Posted by leenus2b on February 13, 2010

Change Weblogic Listen Port:
In Weblogic server default Listen port is 7001. say, In DMZ servers open ports are between 10000-10999 in order to change Listen port (from back-end) we need to use WLST (weblogic scripting tool) utility if we need to change from back-end.

WLST tool can be invoken by from location $WEB_LOGIC_HOME /wlserver_10.3/common/bin

Idnetify the configured domain location , ( $WEB_LOGIC_HOME/domains/ )

wls:/offline> readDomain(‘/u10/app/HLDRET/orhldret/oracle/1013WCHome/WebLogic/wlserver_10.3/samples/domains/wl_server’);
wls:/offline/wl_server> cd(‘Server’)
wls:/offline/wl_server/Server> ls()
drw- examplesServer — This is my AdminServer
wls:/offline/wl_server/Server> cd(‘examplesServer’)
wls:/offline/wl_server/Server/examplesServer> ls()

– – – –
– – – –
– – – –
-rw- ListenAddress All Local Addresses
-rw- ListenDelaySecs 0
-rw- ListenPort 7001 — This Is default listen port
– – – –
– – – –
– – – –

wls:/offline/wl_server/Server/examplesServer> set(‘ListenPort’,10890);
wls:/offline/wl_server/Server/examplesServer> updateDomain();
wls:/offline/wl_server/Server/examplesServer> exit();

Restart WebLogic server & access the URL http://:/console
Default login username/password : weblogic/weblogic


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